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Seat Availability

ALERT:   The Richter 2nd Floor will be closed Mon. Jul. 19 - Wed. Jul 21 to reassemble and reset study tables.   The 1st Fl will remain open for Quiet Study during this time.   

  • The Graduate Commons is reserved for use by UM Graduate Students
  • You may book a total of 1-8 hours per day - with a max of 4 hours per booking.
  • If you do not check-in and show up in-person within 30 minutes of the reservation's start time, the reservation will be cancelled. 
  • Based on Student feedback and to preserve the health & safety padding between bookings,  those with Grad Carrel  bookings will need to check out a carrel key at the Access Services Desk once entering the Library.  Keys must be returned to the Desk at the end of your reservation. 
  • The Grad Commons contains 21 quiet enclosed study carrels with shelves, task lighting and power, and 10 individual study tables, each adjacent to power outlets.   
  • Only one person allowed per carrel or table. Access into the Graduate Commons is by CaneID swipe
  • A UPrinter is available.
  • Please use the provided wipes to clean your study area and any equipment used [staplers, computers, printers, etc.]. 


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