Room 305

This multipurpose space was designed to provide the optimum learning environment for faculty at the University of Miami. The Faculty Exploratory is equipped with a variety of learning spaces which are intended to promote interactions with technology and stimulate conversations related to technology integration in teaching and learning. The Faculty Exploratory can be booked by UM faculty and UM instructional designers. The room is available for reservation during library hours. Staff assistance in using the lab is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm.

To book and use the Faculty Exploratory:

  • Click on any available slot from the calendar below.
  • Check out the Faculty Exploratory Room Key from the Richter Circulation Desk when it is time for your booking.
  • Please remember to return the key to a Circ Desk Staff member when you have finished using the room.

For assistance, tours and consultations:

  • One Button Studio / Virtual Reality Station: Technical assistance is primarily provided by the Creative Studio, located on the 1st floor, Richter Library (305-284-2548), during staffed hours.
  • Monitor, PC and Conferencing System: Technical assistance is provided by Systems Administration & Support, Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm.
  • Consultations & Tours: Contact for tours, consultations and information about the resources available within the Faculty Exploratory.

One Button Studio: The One Button Studio is modeled after a traditional film studio and includes a camcorder, professional fixed lighting, an anchored ceiling microphone, a light board, a podium and a reflective background which can be utilized as a green or blue screen. It was created to simplify the entire film making process by remotely controlling all of the filming elements with the touch of a button. Walk in, insert a flash drive, record a video, and take the video with you when you leave.

Meeting Space: For informal meetings, the Faculty Exploratory offers four comfortable slipper chairs, with two moveable tables, ideal to sit and talk comfortably with a few people about new projects, strategies, and other forward-thinking ideas. For larger meetings, the discussion space seats 10 people comfortably connected to a roaming monitor, providing the perfect space to view webinars or collaborate on research projects. Use the existing computer, or bring your own devices and share screens and media using the Apple TV.

Virtual Reality Station: Explore virtual worlds and gain hands-on experience with the new HTC Vive. The HTC Vive, is supported by Academic Technologies and the Creative Studio and requires a consultation before faculty use. Contact or reserve the faculty exploratory and 'select Virtual Reality Station' to prepare for a consultation. Existing experiences are available to view here.

iPad Station: The iPad station can be utilized for recording and creating class notes, lesson plans, recordings and course content through a variety of apps.